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Web design and writing seem to go hand in hand, don’t they? This year since I’m stepping back into the freelance world, I have decided after careful consideration to add my web design services to my writing services. I’ll be updating my website later in the week (more like this coming Saturday or Sunday), to show some of my web design gigs I’ve completed for clients in the past.

I enjoy creating informational websites for new and rising businesses. With this enjoyment comes frustration sometimes so you can probably see why I was hesitant to combine both of my services. The reason for the frustration is the client doesn’t always give me enough information about their business, service, or product to accurately write up a page for them. Google it, they say,

well why didn’t I think of that? The problem with Googling it, is if they are a new business, never had a website or any type of online presence, there is nothing to Google. So as you can see the frustration begins.

So just a polite little note to anyone who may inquire about my services as a web designer and writer for your future project. I would love to work with you but please understand to make the whole process go smoothly without any hangups, please provide information about your company, product or service before I begin writing the content for your brand new site. Only you know what you offer, and I will be creating your online presence so others will also know what you offer.

Time for me to get to work. Til Next time…