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So over the weekend, I was pondering a new idea for this blog. It would still be my writing blog, but since I’ve been cooking so much lately and trying out all sorts of new recipes, I thought I may try to incorporate some of them here. So here I am today on Google searching all the ins and outs of a food blogger. I probably won’t call myself a food blogger, at least not right now. I figure I have to get at least a good hundred blog posts up and going before I can actually refer to myself as a “Food Blogger”, right.

Today I find myself search Google and I found a few tips that they say make a good food blogger. Tip number one,

“show your personality in your food blog”. Well, I think I have that one down. A writing friend of mine once said to me, “To read your work is like having you sitting in front of me talking.” I think that is a beautiful compliment.

Tip number two, “learn how to take appetizing photos”, haha still working on this one. It’s usually a 50/50 depending on the lighting in my kitchen at the time. I should probably invest in some special equipment or hit Pinterest for some DIY ideas.

And tip number three, the million dollar question, “what should a food blogger talk about on their blog?” Well, let’s see, food right? Yes and no. Yes, food will always be the topic, but sometimes you need something else, like maybe tips on how to use a particular kitchen appliance, maybe how to freeze specific foods or what foods are good to freeze for later. Apparently, food blogs aren’t 100% about food, their only 98.5%.

When you’re not sharing delicious recipes why not tell a story. Maybe something of why you chose to try this recipe or maybe you’re offering up Grandma’s secret chocolate chip cookie recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. No, you’d never do that now would you? A good story is always a great way to break the everyday food blog up into something more to engage your audience.

Well, it would seem I went from telling you my plans to telling you a few tips on what a food blog should be and could be. Well, this is enough for today. I need to get back to work. Happy fooding!