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Question for all Mothers, Fathers, Nannies Out There!

I’m currently working on an article about “timeout for kids”. In the beginning I’m trying to compare the newer generations (timeout) to the older generations (mine with spanking). How much better are the two? Which one works better in order to make children behave.

For the last seven days I’ve been taking care of my niece. She’s three and is an out of control child (at least with her mother). I’ve placed her in timeout a few times and it worked like a charm. She sat there for 3 minutes (as many minutes as her age – learned that from Jo on Super Nanny).

Back In Time

I’m so glad it’s finally Friday. It’s not like I have any major plans for the weekend and I’m working for part of the weekend playing catch-up from the two weeks of not being able to work. Yesterday I was playing around with my website and trying to create some really cool looks for photographs. Below I changed one of my photographs I took in May 2010 in Washington, D.C. to have the look of an 1865 photograph of the cannon across from the White House. I love old vintage looking photographs.

Writing Buddies…

As a writer, I understand the need to be immersed in the writing world. But not just the writing world of knowledge and information, I mean the world of other writers. I know there are a lot of writers who have writing buddies. I’ve been searching for a writing buddy for a while now, but haven’t found one who keeps in constant contact. It’s alright though, I still have my good friend that I run things by here and there.

Do you have a writing buddy? (Not one that writes the same novel as you, but one that is a writer who is currently working on their own projects, but also helps you work through your tough spots within your own work.)

How do you help each other?

It’s All Coming Together

I’m so excited today. My book idea is finally coming together. I think I’ve finally found “The Book” to write. I’ve been researching since I got home yesterday and have found lots of info on my topic. My only issue about my book is that it may only appeal to a certain “type” of reader. It is based on a folktale in the Bayous of Louisiana, but the folk tale is known around the world and in every culture, so it would appeal to readers around the world, but only in one aspect of those who love the supernatural and mystery. It will also incorporate another story into it that is a childhood favorite – “The Three Little Pigs”. I know it seems a bit odd three pigs and a wolf for a novel, but I think I may be able to put a new spin on it. I’m not going to let that stop me though. I’m still going to write the book and try to get it published.

Random Post

As writers, we typically write. And by write, I mean we write everything down no matter what it is. We write to do list, grocery list, notes on things we may want to write, character sketches on people we know or do not know. For writers, writing comes naturally. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it comes naturally good, but as a writer, I write down a lot of ideas, even if I don’t foresee anything ever coming from it. I always want and need to option of having the chance to use some of those ideas somewhere in my writing.

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