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I feel as if I’ve written this post before and maybe I have, but either way, here it is again. Today is two days before 2017 begins, well maybe more like a day and a half, but I am starting up my freelance writing biz again. As you know if you read the “about me” section, I worked as a freelance writer from 2001 to 2011. I only quit because trying to balance a college workload and a full-time freelancing career was a bit much. I have to sleep at some point.

Now that the college thing is over, I’m ready to get back to it. I miss it. The excitement of new projects, the challenge of finding the just the right words to piece together a blog post or article followed by the race to the deadline. There is so much to miss there and I want it back! So this weekend along with my other long list of year-endĀ goals, I plan on searching high and low to land a few writing gigs. Nothing too big at first although I wouldn’t turn it down, but some articles to ease me back into my comfort zone of writing. So exciting!

See you in the New Year! Everyone be safe and have fun!