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Something New!

So over the weekend, I was pondering a new idea for this blog. It would still be my writing blog, but since I’ve been cooking so much lately and trying out all sorts of new recipes, I thought I may try to incorporate some of them here. So here I am today on Google searching all the ins and outs of a food blogger. I probably won’t call myself a food blogger, at least not right now. I figure I have to get at least a good hundred blog posts up and going before I can actually refer to myself as a “Food Blogger”, right.

Today I find myself search Google and I found a few tips that they say make a good food blogger. Tip number one, (more…)

Web Design & Writing

Web design and writing seem to go hand in hand, don’t they? This year since I’m stepping back into the freelance world, I have decided after careful consideration to add my web design services to my writing services. I’ll be updating my website later in the week (more like this coming Saturday or Sunday), to show some of my web design gigs I’ve completed for clients in the past.

I enjoy creating informational websites for new and rising businesses. With this enjoyment comes frustration sometimes so you can probably see why I was hesitant to combine both of my services. The reason for the frustration is the client doesn’t always give me enough information about their business, service, or product to accurately write up a page for them. Google it, they say, (more…)

Back in the Saddle

I feel as if I’ve written this post before and maybe I have, but either way, here it is again. Today is two days before 2017 begins, well maybe more like a day and a half, but I am starting up my freelance writing biz again. As you know if you read the “about me” section, I worked as a freelance writer from 2001 to 2011. I only quit because trying to balance a college workload and a full-time freelancing career was a bit much. I have to sleep at some point. (more…)

Brainstorming Day

Well, it’s the end of the week and year for that matter and I’ve been slacking on my brainstorming sessions. With a full-time job Monday – Friday and extra activities after work, this week has been a bit chaotic. Being the end of the year and holiday time makes it rough too. So today since I have a bit of downtime here at work I’m going to brainstorm some new blog ideas, article ideas, and expand on my e-book a bit. There is so much I want to get finished before December 31st (tomorrow), but it’s almost like every obstacle that can get in my way does. Don’t you just hate that? (more…)

Saving and Gaining some Money!

So this year I’m all about saving money and getting the best deals on everything I buy. I’ve canceled all the services that I don’t use and even the ones I used once in a blue moon including Netflix. That saved me about $75 a month. I switched from Sprint to Verizon for my cell phone service. Saved me about $60 a month. I sold my 2010 Ford Fusion that I was making payments on and last year bought another 2000 Dodge Durango SLT+ 4×4. I love it! I traded my old one in on the Fusion two  years ago and missed her so much. My Rango serves a dual purpose. She gets me to work everyday and gets me through the snow in the winter. I also started unplugging everything in my townhouse that I don’t use. Yes, it’s a pain in the rear to have to plug things in every time you want to use it, but in the long run it has saved me about $45 a month on my electric bill. Cha-Ching!